Unique Food Print – created by Sharon Anderson a qualified clinical nutritionistĀ  Dip CNM,MBant, CNHC, BA

Having worked In the health and fitness industry for many years I went on to establish my own physical training practice around north London over 10 years ago.

As a Physical fitness trainer & Pilates Trainer I have experienced first hand many popular diet crazes followed by clients and extreme dieting methods often pushed and sold in the industry.

I have had insight into people’s eating habits for many years and realized how food like exercise cannot be applied as ‘one size fits all‘.
Nutrition needs to be approached like a good exercise program, it needs to be uniquely tailored to the individual, without this approach we will be stuck on the merry go round of never feeling the benefits of complete health.

My years in the fitness industry and then becoming a mum really encouraged me to seek further nutrition knowledge and train for 3 years at the world renowned College of Naturopathic Medicine (CNM) in London qualifying as a nutritional therapist.

I love food and learning all about the science behind it. In clinic many clients who come to see me have been suffering with symptoms for years, they are tired as have exhausted many different avenues to improve their health. For me as a practitioner it’s important to restore faith, formulate a unique plan that is tailored in every aspect to your needs, so you leave feeling focused, empowered and motivated to take control and realize the smallest of changes can be applied and will improve ones health dramatically.

Through correct food application we can take control of our health and make better health achievable if we simply take one positive step at a time.