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packages include

Prior to Initial consultation

In order to utilise the consultation time I request prior to initial consultation clients complete a short synopsis of their health concern. Complete a 3 day Food / drink diary and note any medications supplements currently on including brands and dosages and send to the clinic via email 3 days before the consultation.

3 tier Packages  lasting 8-weeks available. Personalised health programmes. If private testing is required this is at an additional cost to package price. 

. Silver 

Initial personal consultation – 1.5 hours 

.In depth health lifestyle assessment 

.Personalised nutrition, lifestyle supplement plan 

monthly support

personal coaching a progress review call to support new food choices habits – 20mins 



Initial personal consultation – 1.5 hours 

In depth health lifestyle assessment 

.Personalised nutrition, lifestyle supplement plan 

.personal coaching a progress review call to support new food choices habits – 20mins every two weeks 

seasonal recipes/  food plans 

email support 

current medications nutrient interaction evaluation if applicable 

recommended on Gp or private laboratory tests  and interpretations 


Every two weeks support 20 mins 



Initial personal consultation – 1.5 hours 

more access to me join better practise private chat answered mon-fri
weekly support 20 mins 

Access to a weekly group pilates class 


Initial personal consultation – 1.5 hours 

A thorougher discussion about your personal health,  body systems, lifestyle, food, family medical history, current medications, supplements.
You’ll come away from this appointment with an clearer picture an understanding of the nutritional issues relevant to you.

Your full bespoke dietary and lifestyle plan along with any relevant prescribed supplements list will be emailed to you within a 24 hour period followed by a phone call at a scheduled time.
If Labortory tests are relevant and need to be undertaken this will be discussed within the consultation period. If any red flags are highlighted whilst conducting the consultation the patient will be referred to a medical professional. GP referrals or other professional referrals will be explained all plans.

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Follow up consultations  

Time to discuss how you are responding to the implemented plan. Have you come up against any challenges with the plan, or have other symptoms occurred.
Possibly need to discuss what can we do to adjust the protocol to accommodate your lifestyle & improve results and keep you on the right track if experiencing difficulties. If any tests have been carried out then we will go through them and I will explain the results at this appointment.
It’s also a chance to touch base, update goals and refresh plans. Follow ups hours are booked 4 -6 weeks after initial consultation unless target is predominantly weight loss then more frequent contact support is required.

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I use state of the art laboratory testing to get to the root cause for example;
> Gut Stool tests
> Hormone balancing
> Allergy/ intolerance
> Thyroid testing 

Many tests can be conducted in the comfort of Your own bathroom such as urine collection or stool specimen collection, blood tests 
Will be carried at by a trained phlebotomist or nurse who can come to your home or in one of the london based clinics then sent via courier to the private medical laboratory. Results will be feed back to you on support follow up consultation.

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Supplements are only recommended when clients consultation or testing shows a supplements would benefit as there’s a clear requirement to improve health with more than food. I will only prescribe products I have researched and are of the highest quality will be recommended. I have no links with any supplemental companies all supplements are at additional cost to the consultation price.

Please Note…

All consultations are conducted virtually in a professional relaxed environment.
All client records are private and confidential. The consultation is a relaxed and honest environment the more open and honest you can be with me during consultations the clearer the picture, triggers, drivers & overall root causes will become, which will enable a more focused supportive plan.

> In clinic This is your time to speak and be heard, your time to address the issues that are concerning you in a non judgmental environment. You should know that you will not be judged.

> Clinic can often create an emotional response as we are often discussing many emotional subjects & personal issues so don’t be afraid to just let it out, this is all part of the theraputic process.

> Please ensure you book your consultations at a time that’s convenient so you do not have to rush through your case and can sit back and enjoy the process as intended.

> All consultations must be paid in full 3 days prior to your consultation by bank transfer. Appointments cancelled after 24 hours of appointment time will incur the full amount.