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I went to see Sharon for some help to deal with allergies and facial eczema that had gotten worse as my life became more hectic. We had a very in-depth consultation which also proved to be very enlightening. The recommendations that Sharon gave to me re: foods to increase more of and others to limit/avoid along with supplements to support my system have been fantastic. My system responded very quickly to the changes suggested and it is now a question of maintaining that and exploring new ideas which Sharon is happy and willing to support me with. I highly recommend Sharon and her services.


weight management
I just a wanted to say a huge thank you to Sharon for helping me this year! I was at my wits end and had endured pain and discomfort for almost two years, had a lack of energy and tremendous brain fog, to list just a few of the issues. I’d been to see my GP and had several tests and hospital visits. As lockdown seemed to be something that was going to be long term, I decided to work on myself and reached out to Sharon in April this year (2020). After a thorough consultation Sharon created a plan focusing on weight loss, alleviating the pain in my side and getting fitter. initially I struggled with the idea of smaller portion sizes and the elimination of certain foods 😬😢…. It was more of a psychological battle and trying to be consistent with the lifestyle change.By August 2020 I’d lost 2stones, had more energy, no pain in my side, hair felt and looked stronger and I’d managed to establish a good routine. There have been so many more benefits to this plan but there’re far too many to mention! Oh not so much brain fog either.Have I fallen off track? Yes! And quite quickly seen the difference with regards to the pain caused by food intolerances and inflammation. It’s not worth it but I’m human and old habits die hard! I get back on to the plan and see a difference instantly. Here’s to the next 2stones.One thing that I really enjoyed was also introducing more exercise. Although I’ve always been quite active, I wasn’t always consistent with it but knowing I had to report my weight loss back every week made me accountable and have now got a great routine in place. Thank you again 🥰